Seminários Integrados da UFPI 2020 


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The Federal University of Piauí, on September 9, 2020, officially released the Integrated Seminars of UFPI (SIUFPI-2020), with the purpose of showing to society the accomplishments in the large areas supporting the making of universities: teaching, research, extension, arts, culture and student support, in an integrated way in the context of such a large event. This has been envisioned from historic events, in which each has started timely, due to advancements of UFPI. In this sense, the Scientific Initiation Seminar (SIC) rose in 1991, when groups of researchers, coordinated by the Vice-presidency for Research and Postgraduate Studies felt the need to show the society of Piauí, the actions of UFPI in building knowledge intended for our reality. This fact is a great milestone for UFPI. Today, we are structuring the twentieth edition of SIC.

In this context, by strengthening scientific research of the academic environment of UFPI, research groups have been organizing themselves and heading towards carrying out studies connected to Technological Development and Innovation. Now, we are preparing the 12th Technological Development and Innovation Seminar (XII SDTI).

In the extension field, the process was not different. In view of the advancements achieved in the teaching area, together with strengthening scientific and technological research at UFPI, there was a need for sharing these experiences with the state’s community. Thus, there rises the 10th Extension and Culture Seminar, along with the 6th Communities Show.

Also important to point out are the actions intended for promoting teaching, at undergraduate, postgraduate and technical dimensions, in the academic environment of our university. Hence, we highlight that some events have been restructured, bringing forth the 1st Undergraduate Studies Seminar and the 1st Integrative Seminar of Research and Extension of UFPI Technical Schools.

With the increase of postgraduate courses, there has been the creation of the Lectures Cycle of PRPG [Vice-presidency for Postgraduate Studies], which is relevant in the discussions on UFPI’s postgraduate problems and perspectives, as well as for sharing results attained from theses and dissertations of the various programs and courses. This year is for the 4th Lectures Cycle of PRPG.

Concerning the existing asymmetries in the student medium, particularly as regards social quote policies, as a way to minimize the historical effects caused by social inequalities, UFPI maintains a student support policy, whose results are disclosed to the community at the Student Support Seminar, known as SEMAE, which has already seven editions.

Each one of these meetings occurred annually, at different times, in which the majority used to take place on Ministro Petrônio Portella campus, in Teresina.

In 2018, after the assessment of the organization structure of these meetings, the Administrative Board decided to decentralize the Seminars from the Vice-presidency for Research and Innovation and the Vice-presidency of Extension and Culture, which took place simultaneously at all UFPI campi, so that each campus developed its own program, respecting local peculiarities. This event was the inception of the Integrated Seminars of UFPI (SIUFPI).

Therefore, in 2019, SIUFPI was created and held, involving teaching, research, extension, culture and student support, at the levels of Higher Education and Technical Schools of UFPI, becoming the largest integration moment to disclose institutional actions of the various academic and administrative units of UFPI.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the presence format is unfeasible, and SIUFPI is in the works, anchored by Information and Communication Technologies, and will be held virtually. It will occur from November 9 to 13, 2020.

The structure of the presence program is maintained, with the necessary adjustments. Each Vice-presidency will have one day to present and develop its program from a global view, encompassing all UFPI campi, in an authentic integration moment.

The program brings important activities, e.g. conferences, lectures, short courses, workshops, debates, cultural presentations, communities show, award-granting session, and especially the results of studies from several knowledge fields that make part of the everyday of UFPI in an integrated way, even in pandemic times.

Noteworthy is that the information and communication technologies are enabling all programmed activities to be fully shared by all UFPI campi, from the opening to the closing session.

For carrying out this event, a General Commission was established with representatives from the Vice-presidencies involved, as well as from the Superintendencies of Information Technology and Social Communication, International Affairs Office, Outside Campi and the Technical Schools of UFPI, with the participation of technical advisors from all administrative units and advisory committees of the various programs at their different modalities.

For such a challenging event, we counted on dedication, engagement and commitment of all the organization team of SIUFPI. In this scenario, we feel that a team effort will result in an event that may comply with the academic community’s desire, exposing ever more UFPI in the context of the state’s society.

Prof. João Batista Lopes
General Coordinator of SIUFPI-2020

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